Wil Golden


Montgomery, Al


I create because I want to share my talent, my experiences, my knowledge and my wisdom with as many people as I can. Being able to be used in this way and make someone’s life a little better or brighter or make them think in a more positive way or feel better about themselves or their situation, using art…my passion…wow, really motivates me.
My goal and what I am passionate about is to make art that is intriguing…art that catches your attention and makes you think… realistic images that are done well. The graphite and pastel mediums are what work best for me right now. With graphite, you imply and suggest the colors in the work with shades of grey. With pastels, a more color medium, you express with certainty and sureness.
I am a self-taught student of art and I have won several awards for my art, but I continue to learn the visual and expressive abstractions that constitute realistic images and I am constantly striving to improve my skills. Thanks for taking a look and visiting my site. If you have any questions about anything you have seen, please contact me. Stay engaged...Thanks!

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Grateful One by Wil Golden


Tickling the Ivory Too by Wil Golden


Booker T Washington by Wil Golden


Bald Eagle by Wil Golden


Nelson Mandela by Wil Golden


Malcolm X by Wil Golden


Leopard by Wil Golden


Stand Still and See by Wil Golden


George Duke by Wil Golden


Work in Progress by Wil Golden


Apple Study by Wil Golden


Generation to Generation by Wil Golden


50 Stars 13 Stripes by Wil Golden


Slugger by Wil Golden


Christmas 2010 by Wil Golden


Sadness by Wil Golden


Covered Beauty by Wil Golden


The Runner by Wil Golden


Tickling the Ivory by Wil Golden


Charles by Wil Golden


Allmother by Wil Golden


Queen by Wil Golden